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Everything you need comes in one smart kit… in a high quality shipping container that you now own! Don’t waste time making hundreds of online orders and trips to the store. Our master-grower selected contents enables you to quickly and efficiently get set-up to Grow Great Green!™

Affordable & Scalable

We keep things affordable because we source and develop supplies in bulk and pass those savings on to kit buyers. Get everything you need for a large-scale grow operation in one discreet financial transaction.

Proprietary Setup & Design

Our mastermind of expert cultivators have designed the kits to systemize success. Both novice and experienced growers can benefit from decades of real-world experience and follow our simple plans for maximum yields.

Grow Great Green! ™





Our Story

Our vision is to be the top global distributor of cannabis cultivation kits and green-tech farming solutions. We are passionate about serving farmers by streamlining the ease and profitability of setting up and scaling successful cannabis projects. Our founder and several team members come from a long line of traditional farmers. We understand the beauty and wide-ranging medicinal benefits this natural plant offers. North American medicinal and recreational legalization efforts make this an exciting time!

Sustainable Kits are a smart way to help you simplify and SUCCEED! We began this passion project years ago, forming a mastermind network of thoughtful experts from many different backgrounds and locations…. READ MORE

Our team has decades of experience testing and trying every method of indoor growing and we have arrived at duplicatable systems that we now offer to you in the form of smart kits + top-tier grow support.

There is no shortage of opinions, forums and ‘experts’ in this marketplace. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the information available and searching the internet for all of the items you need. Having to then make hundreds of separate purchases (that the credit card companies and Big Tech and Big Gov’t track) just isn’t practical. Sustainable Kits allows you to make one simple transaction, and have all of the setups, supplies and expert support you’ll need. Choose the type and # of kits that’s right for you. Add-on a Greenhouse Kit to add 800 square feet of additional grow space if needed… Our mission is to help you Grow Great Green!™

Green Grow Kits

Maximum Yield Kit

Looking to maximize the size and speed of your harvests? The kit contents and layout design optimizes plant growth and yield at each step of the process to maximize your finished product.
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Organic Grow Kit

This kit is for those focused on the natural health of the plant, balanced with reducing the negative environmental impact of typical cannabis farming. Create organic “craft bud” that’s as intentional and individualistic as you are.
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LED Sustainable Kit

Our LED Kit is designed to use the least amount of energy possible while still maximizing plant growth, harvest times and overall yield. Save energy, reduce costs, and still create a great product.
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