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SustainableKits.com focuses on helping people to get more sustainable FAST. This means making it Fun, Affordable, Simple, and Transformational for our customers to reduce their environmental impact or build their own off the grid space for living and sustenance. Through our products, information, and our online presence, we share with our amazing tribe exactly how to create a sustainable life FAST. We set ourselves apart by providing DIY Kits and information that makes a difference quickly in the lives of our tribe.

Our Team

Jay Wright

Founder & CEO Jay is a lifelong entrepreneur and has built businesses in financial services, apps & technology and real estate development. Jay is now pursuing one of his passions of using his diverse experience to help people reach their goals of a more sustainable life. Jay has long been interested in using shipping containers to build homes.

Tim Wolf

Vice President of Sales and Marketing Tim Wolf is a serial entrepreneur and online marketing expert who connects companies and visionaries with the people who need their help. He specializes in startups, product launches, automated marketing solutions and creative branding.

Joey Young

Materials Sourcing & Kit Assembler Joey is an experienced home contractor with a varied background that includes electrical, plumbing, and home renovation.

Brandon Wright

Aquaponics Expert Brandon is a long time builder and designer of Aquaponic Greenhouses and other sustainable food production methods. He also works to certify food production as organic and increase plant yields.


PR/Communications Director Amanda is an experienced promotional expert skilled in developing and creating media relationships. She also is on the forefront of our interactions with our community and manages  our social media accounts.

Drs. Kevin & April Morford

Health & Wellness Experts Drs. Kevin and April Morford are health an wellness experts, chiropractors, and speakers who help people build health and wellness transformations into their lives. They also work with home and community gardens and provide scientific health expertise.

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